Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization includes, but not limited to responsive landing pages and sites, mobile advertising and use of content that is specific to mobile devices. It is worth noting that in the modern days, there is an increase in the number of people using smartphone at the global level.

It is expected that the number will go over two billion in 2016. This is almost a quarter of the total human population. In order to ensure that you succeed, it is advisable to focus more to mobile advertising. To do this effectively, you should develop exceptional mobile landing pages that are created specifically for mobile users.

Mobile Optimization

Increase use of social media platforms

The use of social media has gone high and it is expected even to go higher in 2016. There are a lot of social media platforms and networks that are coming up. Therefore, it is important that you boost your social engagement and networking in 2016 in order to keep up with the high level competition. Social media offer great platform for you to perform data analysis and help you provide your customers with the exact products or services they need. By using the social networking sites, it will be possible for you send highly targeted messages to your customers and potential clients too. To help you succeed in competing for your share in the market, ensure that you connect with your customers quickly. Make sure you take advantage of the engaging power of videos on your landing pages. To attract more attention of your target audience and achieve your marketing objectives, ensure the videos are personalized, contextual and relevant.

Increased importance of content marketing

Content marketing is an effective web marketing strategy because you talk with your target audience. In 2016, there will be a high demand for platform specific content than before. Modern customers look for sites that offer relevant information that help them solve a certain problem. With high demand of content marketing, it is expected that social media will focus on the content marketing game by use of innovative publishing platforms including facebook's instant article. If your business offers several products or services, you need to be a bit careful to ensure that your visitors do not get lost because of the several homepage options. You need to develop landing pages with phrases that readers might search after they have read your content. This will make them know that they are in the right place. Then, you can provide eBooks, videos and free trials.