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Search Engine Optimization SEO


For website owners and operators, building a fantastic site is only just the beginning. No matter how great your website looks, how easily navigable it is, or how much money youhave spent on building it, without a solid search engine (SEO) strategy your website will not succeed or reach your goals.

Our team of SEO specialists are here to help you achieve your goals by creating an SEO plan that will target and attract the right audience to increase your traffic, conversions and revenue.

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web developmentWeb development


In a world that has become ever more reliant on the internet, having a website to represent your business is a must. A well designed site that looks good, is user friendly, and engaging can transform the way your business interacts with prospective and even current clients.

By improving your visitors’ experience in providing the information they require, showcasing your products and services, and delivering your company’s ethos clearly, you will be well on your way to improving customer satisfaction and increased revenues.

We understand the importance a website has for any business online, and as such we take our work seriously in order to help you achieve your goals.

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mobile optimizationMobile Optimization


Mobile optimization includes, but not limited to responsive landing pages and sites, mobile advertising and use of content that is specific to mobile devices. It is worth noting that in the modern days, there is an increase in the number of people using smartphone at the global level.

It is expected that the number will go over two billion in 2016. This is almost a quarter of the total human population. In order to ensure that you succeed, it is advisable to focus more to mobile advertising.

To do this effectively, you should develop exceptional mobile landing pages that are created specifically for mobile users.

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At Suite 121 we believe that helping you reach your business goals is very important. Thus, we do not only build sites, we build while making sure that it will work for you. Our team has sufficient knowledge when it comes to web design and development, local and national SEO, content generation, user-friendly graphics design, internet marketing, mobile optimization and more.

We don’t just deliver our work, we make sure that all your requirements are met and more. Having a reliable looking website today is a must for those who are aiming to be on the top of the competition. However, visitors do not only consider the looks of the site these days. They also are keen when it comes to usability of the site. Simply put, they wanted to easier get what they came for and that’s how we will be developing your website.